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Affray in the public street at Hoton

From the De Banco Rolls

Easter, 7 Edward I, 1279

The prior of Bulington v. Richard Poutrel of Houton, Robert Worme, Richard son of Hugh, John le Taylleur, Richard son of Edmund, Osbert son of Amibil, Ralph son of Roger, William de Neuton, Thomas Sely, Robert son of Richard le Sureys, John son of Richard le Sureys, Robert Gerlaund, Hugh son of Richard, Robert Lambeseye of Cotes, William Resy of Houton and William Haukyn of Cotes in a plea wherefore, since the prior holds no land of Richard nor of the others, nor claims to hold in fee anything, nor owes for service anything, neither can Richard or the bailiffs legally distrain the said prior, nevertheless Richard and the other defendants took the prior's cattle in the public street at Houton outside Richard's fee and detain them to the damage of the prior 100s and against the peace.


George F. Farnham 'Prestwold and its Hamlets in Medieval Times', Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society Vol.17 Pt.1 1931–2

Originally published in WHO Newsletter 1998

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