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Wymeswold Hall

Wymeswold Hall in 1990.

Wymeswold Hall in 1990.

The building on East Road known as Wymeswold Hall has had many owners of note. Early last century Rev Henry Alford, the vicar of Wymeswold responsible for the restoration of St Mary's and later Dean of Canterbury, lived there for a time. For most of the later half of the nineteenth century two Miss Beasley's lived there, followed by E.W. Campion, the cycle manufacturer, and then Dr H. Bell Tawse, a Nottingham surgeon. On the latter's death in 1940 the Hall was let to A.P. Goode, Chairman of the Brush Company. From the end of the Second World War until 1976 it was owned by Mr and Mrs G.N. Hodson. After a further brief private ownership it was sold to Hawker Siddeley and in the 1980s a succession of small businesses have operated from here.

Some parts of the house are clearly older than the 19th century and a number of alterations have been done over the years, as was evident during extensive renovation in the 1950s when the west elevation was extended. There is a surprising inconsistency in floor levels between the centre of the house and the rooms at either end of the south elevation, no less than five steps at first floor level. From the exterior the Regency-style south elevation of the early 1800s is symmetrical but this difference in floor levels means that to look out of some bedroom windows one must either stand on a chair or lie on the floor.

Originally published in A Portrait of Wymeswold 1991.

Copyright Wolds Historical Organisation.

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