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Wymeswold Dairy

Wymeswold dairy, originally the Primitive Methodist chapel,

Wymeswold Dairy, originally the Primitive Methodist chapel,
shortly before demolition in 1989.
Photograph by Alec Moretti.

There is a long tradition of Stilton cheese making in Wymeswold. Six dairies producing Stilton were active in the village in the 1920s. The London Lane dairy was the largest and the last to remain operational. The building had originally been erected as the Primitive Methodist chapel but was bought and converted into a dairy by Emberlins of Leicester in 1910. It was later taken over by J.M. Nuttall and Co. (who also owned dairies in Hartington and Scalford) before being sold to the Milk Marketing Board in 1962 to form part of the Dairy Crest operations.

The dairy was famous for its prize-winning Stilton and its heyday produced an average of 500 a week. The MMB proposed to produce their new 'Lymeswold' cheese (rather akin to bree) here in the late 1970s but found that expected demand would outstrip capacity so production was switched to Somerset. The scene depicted on the early label for Lymeswold cheese bore a striking resemblance to the view of St Mary's church from The Stockwell.

At the time of closure in October 1987 seven people were employed at the dairy. Following its sale and demolition the site was redeveloped as sheltered accomodation, but soon became a nursing home instead.

Wymeswold Court Nursing Home in 1993.

Wymeswold Court Nursing Home in 1993.

Originally published in A Portrait of Wymeswold 1991 with additional information from Wolds Reflections 1997.

Copyright Wolds Historical Organisation.

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