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Stocks and Stockwell

Although both the stocks and the Stockwell are now destrpyed, the parish accounts for 1602 show expenses of 2d for the repair of the stocks and in 1623 5s/4d for new stocks. In 1640 the parish had to find the not-inconsiderable sum of 11/5s/6d to buy wood for the Stockwell.

The Stockwell

A postcard, probably of the 1930s, showing The Stockwell as a pump, near where the bus shelter now stands.

Henry Malb mending the Stockwell in the early 20th century.

Henry Malb mending the Stockwell in the early 20th century.

Although it is just possible that the Stockwell takes its name from proximity to the penal stocks, the name 'stockwell' is probably much older as this was the name Anglo-Saxon's gave to a timber-lined well. Least probable is the term Stockwell being a contraction of a well where [live]stock were watered (indeed, animals would be actively discouraged from drinking from the main village water supply).

Originally published in A Portrait of Wymeswold 1991.

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