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The cinema comes to Prestwold

During the 1860s it was traditional for the children of Prestwold, Hoton and Burton Sunday Schools to be invited to celebrate the birthday of the local squire at Prestwold Hall. On 2 October 1862, the following report appeared in the local newspaper.


Tuesday, September 23rd ultimo, being the 70th anniversary of the birthday of C W Packe Esq MP, the children belonging to the Sunday Schools in this parish were, by the kindness and liberality of that gentleman, regaled with a plentiful supply of roast beef and plum pudding, and afterwards, the members of the Clothing Club, upheld by Mr Packe, sat down to a good substantial tea. The day was beautifully fine, and the juvenile party, numbering nearly 140, enjoyed their holiday to their hearts' content. In the evening, a series of dissolving views, provided from the National School Society's Depot, Westminster, by the above-named gentleman, were shown to a large party of children and adults; and from the fact of the showman - the Rev H W Wasse MA - being well up in his business, it is scarcely necessary to add that the evening's entertainment was a perfect success, and both old and young were highly delighted with what they saw. The party separated early, and with many sincere and hearty wishes for the health, happiness and long life of C W Pack Esq and his estimable lady, Mrs Packe Reading, that they may still live to shed their benign influence over and around the inhabitants of the above-named parish'.

Originally published in the WHO Newsletter 1994.

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