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Web sites

National Heritage List for England and the Lincolnshire Heritage Environment Record

Wikipedia entry for Barrowby

Wikipedia entry for All Saint's Barrowby (contains several errors)

Wikipedia entry for the Grantham canal

Grantham Canal Society

British Geological Survey's online maps

Domesday Book

Rural unrest in the 1830s

A very nerdy footnote

Although I have based many of these web pages on the researches of L.R. Cryer, I have not been able to disccover any biographical information about him. Not even his first names.

All I've been able to establish is that he wrote three other books or booklets:

  • A History of Rochford 1978
  • A History of Caythorpe with Frieston 1995
  • A History of Skillington 1998
Rochford is in Essex. Caythorpe, Skillington and – of course – Barrowby are all in Lincolnshire.

I suspect that he moved from Essex to Barrowby in the 1970s, then to Caythorpe, and afterwards to Skillington. But alternative scenarios are possible.

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