Bottesford: St Mary





John de Roos

Recumbent knight

Alabaster by Thomas Prentys and Robert Sutton


Brought from Belvoir Priory this effigy now stands on the northeastern end of the chancel and can be compared with the preceding one as concerns the change in style of armour.

The dress is very similar to that of William, John's father, with the following exceptions: 1) A gorget of plate now protects the neck over the camail. 2) Small plates now cover the armpits and insteps. 3) A skirt of plate replaces that of mail. 4) He is not wearing a jupon.

The head, wearing an orle of oak leaves, lies on a tilting helm off which the peacock crest has broken. John is wearing the Lancastrian SS collar from which hangs a triangular pendant. The feet are resting on a lion couchant.

Nichols states that in 1780 the embattled tomb-chest still bore the arms of Albini (Gules, a lion rampant or) and Warren (Checky or and azure).

Sepulchral Effigies of Leicestershire and Rutland
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