Bottesford: St Mary





Margaret de Roos

Recumbent lady



This effigy, which was brought from Belvoir Priory at the Dissolution, stands by the chancel south wall. It is believed to be that of Margaret, the widow of William de Roos who died in 1414.

She is depicted wearing a coif and wimple gorget fashion with a veil hanging in folds. The hair is bunched in cauls over either ear, while her head rests on a double octagonal cushion that has fragments of supporting angels. A close fitting kirtle, over which a sleeveless gown with a loose skirt falls to her ankles. Holding her hands in prayer, the feet are resting on a dog.

The tomb-chest, which, in 1645, stood to the north side of the chancel, is now missing. It was, however, recorded at the end of the 18th century by Nichols who stated that it bore the De Roos arms.

In her will Margaret bequeathed 'one cup of gilt silver for the use of the High Altar' and £40 to pay for lead to repair the priory's dormitory and refectory.

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