Bottesford: St Mary





George Manners, 7th Earl of Rutland

Classical standing peer

White marble by Grinling Gibbons

1642: Erected in 1686

Standing erect, facing right, George is depicted in Roman dress, wearing a lorica (a leather cuirass), paludament (cloak) and cothurni (boots). This fashion for classical effigies lasted from about 1660 to 1750. Over his head are the arms of Manners and the inscription:

Here lyeth the body of George Manners, 7th Earle of Rutland of that name, Lord Roos of Hamlake, Trusbut, and Belvoir, which George succeeded his brother Francis in that Earledome, and married Frances the Daughter of Sir Edward Carey of Aldenham, in com. Hertford, Knight, Sister to Sir Harry Viscount Falkland. He departed this life at his house in the Savoy in the suburbs of London, XXIX Martii, Anno 1641 (17 Car.1) without issue, and was burried in this place with his ancestors.

Sepulchral Effigies of Leicestershire and Rutland
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