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Harston's Anglo-Saxon carvings

In the page about Barrowby's Anglo-Saxon origins I mention the Anglo-Saxon tomb cover (or at least the left half) now in an exterior wall of All Saints church. As an example of other such tomb covers I added the one at Harston, just across the Leicestershire border from Denton.

Barrowby's Anglo-Saxon tomb cover.

The bottom part of an Anglo-Saxon tomb cover at Harston.

Harston has a second – and bigger – Anglo-Saxon carving. This is part of a cross-shaft.

The best side of the Harston cross-shaft.

The other side of the Harston cross-shaft.

What is curious is that someone spent considerable time carving the 'back' side. But put no real effort into doing the 'marking out' first. A 'prentice piece that went badly wrong?

Stop off at the church in Harston when you're next that way. The cross-shaft is in the porch and the tomb cover fragment under the east window of the chancel.

If you think I've got something wrong – or can add additional information or photographs – then please email me:– bobtrubs@indigogroup.co.uk.

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