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Nigel Pennick


Nigel Pennick was born in Guildford, Surrey in 1946. He lived most of his childhood in London. Trained in biology, for 15 years he was a researcher in algal taxonomy for a government institute in Cambridge. During this time, he published 29 scientific research papers including descriptions of 8 new species of marine algae before moving on to become a writer and illustrator. He has travelled extensively in Europe and North America, researching, lecturing and conducting 'workshops', creating shrines and labyrinths.

He is author of over 40 books on European arts and crafts, buildings, landscape, customs, games and spiritual traditions.

Heart of Albion titles by Nigel Pennick:

Masterworks - The arts and crafts of traditional buildings in northern Europe

Among his other published works are:

  • The Ancient Science of Geomancy
  • The Subterranean Kingdom
  • Einst War Uns Die Erde Heilig
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Celtic Sacred Landscapes
  • Mazes and Labyrinths
  • Magical Alphabets
  • Rune Magic
  • The Early Tube Railways of London
  • The Celtic Cross
  • Dragons of the West
  • The Power Within
  • Beginnings: Geomancy, Builders' Rites and Electional Astrology in the European Tradition
  • The Complete Illustrated Guilde to Runes.

His Celtic artwork appeared in New Visions in Celtic Art. In 2002 his Celtic artwork was on show in Birmingham in the Celtic Art and Design exhibition at the Central Library.

July 2002

Planetary stained glass window designed by Nigel Pennick

Planetary stained glass window,
designed by Nigel Pennick.

Photograph by Michael Wells of Third Light Photography.

Pavement labyrinth in Germany designed by Nigel Pennick

Pavement labyrinth in Germany, designed by Nigel Pennick.

Nigel Pennick can be contacted via:

    Spiritual Arts & Crafts Publishing
    PO Box 530
    CB23 8FS


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